Death By Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate makes everything better!

Raise your hands if you agree.

And raise both hands if you live by this principle. Hey, hey, hey!

This pancake chronicles will never get old. Hear, hear to all pancake and chocolate lovers out there!

Kids are almost always in front of the computer these days and as someone who actually had an awesome childhood, I find it a little unacceptable that most kids would rather play computer games, watch how to play computer games on youtube, interact with people online instead of going out and actually playing with friends or even just moving about and doing fun-filled activities that will improve their motor skills and encourage their inner Van Gogh and Picasso to shine!

Doing my part as a responsible tita, *ahem* I asked the little boy to do an online search for an easy chocolate pancake recipe. (Yes. I was trying to think of ways to make them use technology wisely because I am not liking how they are spending most of their time watching what I consider as nonsensical stuff on youtube… why would you watch someone play computer games? I am not just getting it. Like, seriously. What a waste of time. I mean, if you are really into computer games, why not watch “how-to-make-computer-games videos” and/or make your own computer games instead? Or is there something that I am not understanding here? If so, can someone help me understand? Kids these days, right? —> There, I really just have to get that out of my system. I apologize for the quick rant.) I was not able to ask what website he accessed to get the recipe we used. My bad. But, here is a photo of the recipe he ‘researched’ (I asked him to write it down)…

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

The recipe he found calls for some chocolate chips but I didn’t have any in the pantry.  Same as before, we did this activity together but I let him take the reins (save for the choco chips). I failed to notice the amount of salt (1/2 tsp) so I was not able to tweak the recipe. Lo and behold, once these dark chocolatey babies were done, we had to find ways to lessen the SALTINESS!

If you’ve been following this pancake chronicles , you’d know by now how I love bananas  and how blessed I am that in my current location, bananas abound! So yes, I added some banana slices to the batter and more slices as toppings.

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

And you’ve guessed it right, these chocolatey goodness were swimming in a pool of maple syrup with a generous serving of creamy peanut butter goodness!

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

How can this day get any better? 😀

I’m a banana, I’m a banana, we’re bananas!


This ends my pancake chronicles and my week-long tita duties to my lovely nephews. I still need to think of ways to get them on their legs instead of on their butts. Any suggestions?


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