Little Boy’s First Pancake Flip!

After Sharing the Love for Pancakes, I wanted the little boy to actually experience how his pancakes are made. As I’ve stated, I believe in the importance of knowing where and how your food gets to your table. Plus, creating something with your lovely hands with awesome little helpers is truly amazing, do you agree? (in my case though, just one little helper because the other one’s still sleeping)

Raise those lovely hands of yours if you do and say: “hey, hey, hey!”

I prepped all the ingredients and kitchen items needed for this activity. I let the little boy measure some of the ingredients and let him do the mixing. I even asked him to give “egg-whisking” a try!

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ AndroidPhoto Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

I also shared some kitchen substitutions with him and why certain ingredients are used. For example, using buttermilk makes the pancakes FLUFFIER! And since buttermilk is not an easy ingredient to come by in this part of the world, I told him that by adding some acid (either vinegar or citrus juice) to ordinary milk, one can have their very own “buttermilk.”

Amrey on Inkscape



After all the mixing and spills in the kitchen, it was time to let the little boy cook his own pancakes. Of course, I did the first batch to show him how it’s done, Amrey-style. Yeah. (insert a hair-flip with a swag here. LOL)

He was so amazed by his irregular shaped-pancakes that he just couldn’t help but grin from ear-to-ear!

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

It surely was great for us both to share this experience together.

He was happy to use the ice cream scoop for the pancake batter, he was ecstatic to be able to flip all  three pancakes, by himself… and of course, to brag to his mamaru, papatu, mom and siblings how awesome he is for making pancakes from scratch and flipping them with flair…(okay…maybe not yet with flair. Quite but…not quite. We’ll get there soon. *wink*) And of course, every meal with me should include either some greens or fruit. Pancakes and bananas, like peanut butter and jelly go really, really well together! Hey, hey, hey!

Amrey on Inkscape

Of course, what better way to enjoy these homemade pancakes than having a dollop of peanut butter and slices of bananas swimming in a pool of real maple syrup! YUM! A perfect way to start this woman’s day, together with a cup of freshly brewed locally sourced Arabica from one of the beautiful mountain ranges here. Sagada coffee, anyone?

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ Android

How do you enjoy your pancakes? We’d love to see your photos!


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