Sharing the Love for Pancakes

I’ve been on the road the past few months and it’s just recently that I was able to somewhat settle down… a little. And given the opportunity, I said yes when asked to do “Tita Duties.” My nephews stayed with me for a week and since I’ve been advocating “Clean Eating” (knowing what’s in your food…in short, make everything from scratch as much as possible and lessen use of processed goods) for quite some time now , I made it a point to feed them well. I also believe in GUT health and you are what you eat. I’ve noticed the drastically scary change in diet of kids these days… but that’s for a different post.

Going back to “tita duties,” the youngest nephew loves his pancakes but he’s never had the chance to cook his own nor make his own from scratch. He knows boxed pancake mixes and fast food pancakes… (tita’s total horror!) So, day 1 of their stay, I fed them pancakes from scratch. Woke up early and added some extra LOVE by making their pancakes not just taste good, but look good as well!

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera used: O+ android Love-filled fluffy pancakes!

Day 1 with the boys was a success! The older brother (not really a fan of pancakes) professed his enjoyment in eating his perfect circle pancakes. Hooray! (pat on the back, Amrey. Haha!)

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ android

Star pancakes were exclusive for the little boy’s consumption.

Photo Credit: Amrey Boquiren Camera: O+ android

Happy Pancake Day, everyday! Hear, hear!


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