Father’s Day 2015

closed_signI haven’t been very diligent in updating this site. I went on another hiatus. My kitchen closed because I have to relocate and the kitchen in my new place (that time) wasn’t big enough. Ergo, I couldn’t continue making edible artwork. Hence, the silence.

I’ve once again relocated (don’t worry, I’m not internally displaced. LOL) but I still can’t create sweet edible artwork. I still haven’t thought of what to post here since this site is dedicated to “Amrey’s Kitchen’s sweet edible artwork” so please bear with me as I continuously try to wrack my brains of something.

For now, let us celebrate all the great men in our lives… our dads!

Well, everyday should be fathers’ day. I mean, we should always celebrate our dads, moms, grandparents and all the people we love on a daily basis. But, I digress. 😉

My family and I honoured our dad by having a sumptuous lunch and having our family portrait taken. It’s pretty rare for our family to be complete because everyone’s busy in their daily responsibilities and all that jazz. Plus, most of them have families of their own too! J I never really thought having your photo taken to be such a tedious task. Until today, that is. Pffbbt. I never really learned how to ‘smile’ and find your ‘angle’ for the camera. Even after watching a few seasons of America’s Next Top Model. LOL!

Nevertheless, today was indeed very special for me and hopefully, for my dad too! 😀

How did you celebrate this day? I hope you all enjoyed honouring the awesome men in your lives.

Happy Father’s day!




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